We are looking for an Accountant to lead MICCOSMO SKIN CARE & COSMETICS.


1: Female

2: CV with (1) photo

3: Age 25 to 30

4: Sending CV to our office (or) via email.

No.(504), 5th Floor, Zawana Tower, Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon. Tel: 01 8564115

miccosmo.mm@gmail.com, moacompany.ltd@gmail.com

5: We will have an interview after the selection by CV.

6: Shift is since Monday to Saturday at 09:00 to 17:30.

Day off: Sun, GH

7: Any Graduate, preferable LCCI Level III, or DA or Any Equivalent Accounting Diploma.
8:  At least (3) years professional working experience in related field.

9:  Salary : Negotiable

10: Responsibilities

  • Assisting to the Chief Accountant with various tasks including preparing budgets, records, and statements.
  • Posting daily Sale (Region, YGN, Personal selling in Cash, Credit, Consignment.
  • Posting cash receive from customers in cash or in bank and another ways.
  • Handling receivable transaction and clear account transaction to customers.
  • Reporting Total Sale and Receivable.

11: We call only (1) person, whom we choose after an interview. We do not call or give any answer to whom we do not choose.


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